The Competitive Commonwealth Fund believes that all voters should have a Democratic choice on the ballot on Election Day. We’re so proud to have their support in our campaign for the 19 District.

Competitive Commonwealth Fund

This year, the average price for parents of center-based infant care in Virginia is over $15,000 per year. Virginia
families cannot afford this high cost of care, forcing parents to rely on inconsistent child care options, cut
working hours, or quit jobs. We must take action. We’re so proud to have Wendy’s support for the @PromiseActionVA as a Child Care Champion;
together we’ll work to achieve the bold goal of quality, affordable child care for all Virginians by 2030! #VaPromise

Virginia Promise in Action

Child Care Champion

We are proud to receive the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction! Wendy is proud to fight for policies that reduce gun violence, protect children, and promote real safety in our community. Background checks, red flag laws, and research into preventing gun violence are all steps to promote responsible gun ownership and encourage gun safety.

Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate

I support Wendy Rowden as a Delegate for district 19 for the Bedford Area.  Wendy would bring a new and much needed perspective to our legislature.  She is willing to listen to all sides of political issues and determine the best course of action for citizens of our area.  She is aware of the needs of our district, including education, infrastructure and other problems using our tax dollars.  She will work for the betterment of all our citizens, not just special interest groups, solving problems with common sense. 

Bruce Johannessen

It is my great pleasure to write an endorsement letter for Wendy Rowden, Democratic Party candidate for  the VA House of Delegates  from District 19. 

I’ve known Ms. Rowden for more than 5 years, and primarily as a founding member and current Treasurer of Bedford GetTogether, a 501 C-3 nonprofit whose vision is a community united through mutual understanding, trust, kindness and respect. As a volunteer, she has been involved in the planning and execution of all of our major projects , including multiple day-long events bringing more than 60 local organizations together to introduce them and their missions to the Bedford Community, conducting a  forum to introduce the candidates for County Sheriff to the voting public, delivering food donations and meals to individuals and subsidized housing complexes during the Covid crisis, and administering a program to improve computer literacy in the Bedford area. In all these events and many more, Wendy has worked tirelessly to make them successful.

I am the managing partner of a company that renovates multi-unit residential housing properties and manages them upon completion, and in that capacity am a longtime member of the Bedford Housing Coalition. Wendy realizes that affordable housing is a huge issue for many Virginians. She has followed our work with great interest, and has pledged to devote attention to this most important and often overlooked issue if elected.

I know as a Delegate in the State Legislature, Wendy will dedicate her considerable energies to representing all the people of Virginia’s 19th District, and in a most capable way.

Bill Mosley

Manager, Proprietors Group of Bedford