Meet Wendy

image of Wendy Rowden

My name is Wendy Rowden and I live in Bedford, VA. I am running for the House of Delegates because I want to give myself and my fellow Democrats an opportunity to vote for a name on the ballot instead of writing in someone. I want to give all voters a choice – and those who don’t normally vote, an opportunity to make a statement.

I have worked as an insurance adjuster for many years. Part of my job involves traveling throughout the state to visit families who have just experienced some awful calamity. It is my privilege to be able to help them negotiate the process to return them to their lives as they were before the fire, flood, accident, etc. I get to advocate on their behalf with contractors, vendors, hotels, landlords, attorneys and other insurance companies. I enjoy helping people get the most out of their insurance products.


My husband and I have lived in Bedford for 24 years. We have a son who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in fifth grade. We know what it’s like to parent a child who needs extra help from the school system. Fortunately, he has done well for himself and currently volunteers in the office of his local Assemblyman in Astoria, Queens.

I would like to discuss issues important to our citizens in a positive way that encourages discussion and consideration. I notice my opponent merely complains about the legislation he doesn’t like without offering constructive criticism. We should talk amongst ourselves rather than vent through a microphone or social media platform.

I want to see broadband internet service brought to every home in the district.

I support criminal justice reform – especially rethinking sentencing options, police training and hiring practices, and taking a close look at the charging practices of county prosecutors.

I also support equity in education funding, strong unions, and strong incentives to investment in alternative energy sources. It should also be the mission and mandate of the state of Virginia to make voting as easy as possible for all citizens.